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West Riding Ltd - Coach A  - Brake Third. The train ran from Kings Cross to Leeds and Bradford and was introduced to attract the business customer which it did very well. I saw this train several times as it stopped at Wakefield. Coach A was the first or last coach on the West Riding Ltd, depending on whether you were travelling north or south. Generally this coach was next to the locomotive when travelling north. I shall do a colour plan of these coaches - sometime. The lower colour was called Garter Blue and was the same colour as the Class A4 locomotives. (on occasion, in case of need, a Class A3 had to used and, on one train, a Class V2 !). The upper colour was called Marlborough Blue by the LNER (whatever that was).

It should be noted that, apart from the summer use of the Observation Car on the Coronation, the actual names on the sides and the coach numbers, the Coronation set and the West Riding set were identical. There was a spare set that was used when the originals were in repair, renovation, etc. This was used on either train as necessary and the train name denoted by removable head boards positioned on the roof edge.

This illustration is included as an example.
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