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Coach E No 1586 - Corridor 3rd
Coach B No 1582 - Semi Open 1st
The Silver Jubilee - The complete train - from introduction (Sept 1935) to Feb 1938
Coach C No 1583 - Open Restaurant 1st
Kitchen Car - No 1584
Coach D No 1585 - Open Restaurant 3rd
Coach E No 1586 - Corridor 3rd
Coach F No 1587 - Corridor 3rd
Coach G No 1588 - Brake 3rd
Coach F No 1587 - Brake 3rd
Coach A No 1581- Corridor Brake 1st
No2509 Silver Link  
No 2510 Quicksilver
No 2511 Silver King
No 2512 Silver Fox
The silver locomotives built to haul this train were -
Note - The Kitchen cars and Coach F were mounted on nominal 50ft underframes. All the rest were nominal 57ft.
London & North Eastern Railway                          
Streamlined Trains   -   The Silver Jubilee
From Feb 1938 an extra coach was added, Coach F, as the centre of a triplet of Coach E, Coach F & Coach G. The Brake 3rd was duly relettered and renumbered.