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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Formed in 1847 from the amalgamation of minor railways, this railway served the central area of England in the coal mining areas as well the cotton and wool industries. It always had to compete with other railways for this trade. It was amalgamated itself in 1922 with the London & North Western Railway. In the early years the locomotives were dark green (almost a Brunswick Green). In or around 1876 locomotives were painted in a light green (try RGB 167-212-192) but this seems to have been shortlived. Goods locomotives had been all black for many years. Some time in the 1870's all locomotives were black and remained so for the life of the Railway. Early coaches seem to have been stained wood but this changed to a two tone finish comprising very dark brown (try RGB 44-28-28) and a red brown (try RGB 93-47-29) with red windows (try RGB 95-28-30).