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Locomotives and coaching stock are of LNER or Pre Group origin but all are in LNER livery. The livery of the LNER is familiar to the modelling fraternity and other enthusiasts from the existing LNER locomotives, eg, Flying Scotsman, Green Arrow. However it is apple green for the main body colour - I use RGB 0-99-31 (#00631F) on my PC. Lining is black flanked on one or both sides with white - I find that white is too bright and so use a 25% grey. I would advise not to be too confused by what the pundits call Darlington Green, ie, locomotives painted at the Darlington Works, and Doncaster Green, locomotives painted at Doncaster. They were both the same shade of green and any differences (hardly discernible) were purely as a result of the batches used. Darlington, however, insisted on painting the cylinder covers green (NER practice) whereas the official policy was black lined red. So if you want a Darlington loco on your layout paint the cylinder covers green !

Note - LNER streamlined stock, including the blue and silver Class A4's are now on the LNER Streamlined Trains page
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