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Streamlined Trains
In addition to the LNER, the LMS merits a page of its own simply because of Stanier's magnificent Pacific locomotives and the Coronation Scot streamlined train. The work on the coaching stock was rather rushed, I think, in order to compete with Gresley's Silver Jubilee on the LNER. Although the interiors were rather well done as befits a high speed luxury service (although not a patch on the Silver Jubilee) the exterior appearance showed the stock to be what they actually were - repainted standard LMS coaching stock (with air conditioning), although the blue and silver finish was certainly striking and would look great on any layout.  The 1939 train did actually run on LMS tracks prior to shipment to the USA and could be legitimately run on a UK layout. In any case - whose railway is it ?
The 1937 Train - Blue & Silver
London Midland & Scottish Railway