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London Midland & Scottish Railway
Streamlined Trains  -  The 1940 Coronation Scot
With the success of the 1937 Coronation Scot train resplendent in blue & silver, the London Midland & Scottish Railway refurbished standard coaching stock with luxury interiors and a red & gold livery and sent it off to the World's Fair in the USA. Almost at the same time the intention was to build completely new Coronation Scot sets for use on the London- Glasgow route. This was to be introduced in 1940 to a high level of luxury throughout. The livery was to be LMS red with gold stripes lined with thin vermilion and black lines, thus copying the red Coronation Class locomotives already in use. The designs were completed and construction due to begin when World War 2 broke out and other priorities intervened. The design would have been based on the USA train but changed to suit British  passenger needs and expectations.

The coaching was actually built after the war but never ran as complete sets neither was the livery continued. The few coaches completed before nationalisation were painted in LMS red but most were built after that event and were painted in the prevailing BR livery of the time.

I have wondered what the complete train would have looked like. Certainly very striking as was the train sent to the USA. So - I have produced illustrations, artist's impressions if you like, of what might been. Obviously, as the train never ran, a certain amount of conjecture had to included. All I had to go on was the diagram contained in Edward Talbot's book "The Coronation Scot" and as many photos as I could obtain of the USA set.

So - here is the train that never ran - I wonder if it will whet any appetites.
NOTE - There will be errors on the above pages as the information is, to say the least, sparse. However, I believe it they give an impression of what this magnificent train might have looked like. For example, I have repeated the different carpets on some of the coaches from the USA train, but I'm sure these were for Exhibition purposes. I would guess that the 1940 train would have had red carpets in First Class and and maybe light brown/beige in the Third Class. Who knows ?
Each illustration includes both sides and an interior
Corridor First Brake No 56010
Corridor First No 56011
Corridor Third Brake No 56500
Corridor Third No 2148
Corridor Third No 56011
Corridor Third No 56301
Corridor Third No 56501
Kitchen Car No 56200
Open First Diner No 56101
Open Third Diner No 56201
Third Class Diner No 56300
Corridor First Diner No 56100