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Princess Royal Class - No 6200 The Princess Royal. Designed by Sir William Stanier and introduced in June 1933 as part of a Class of 12 locomotives. They were the first Stanier "big" engines and utilised the best practices in locomotive design from various sources including, it must be said, the Great Western. Although overshadowed somewhat with the introduction of the Princess Coronation Class some few years later they continued to be rostered on premier services until being phased out in the sixties, including the Royal Scot and the Midday Scot.

I have drawn No 6200 as built with a modified Fowler tender and domeless boiler. The Fowler tender was modified to suit the width of the new locomotive. No 6200 was attached to a Stanier 10 ton tender later on as were all of the Class. In my view they looked better with the larger tender. In 1956 two of the class were loaned to the Western region of BR. They were well received by the Western men (to whom their King Class was next to God) who had had just about enough of the much reviled  
Britannia Class.

The third locomotive of the Class was supposed to be a Princess Royal but instead was built as the Turbomotive.

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