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This Railway was formed in the 1830's and until 1905 was known as the Hull, Barnsley and West Riding Junction Railway. It was incorporated into the North Eastern Railway in 1922; possibly the directors knew that the inevitable was coming in the form of the Grouping and got out quick.

The Hull & Barnsley only had 95 route miles and the majority of its business was the movement of coal from the West Riding coalfields to the port of Hull. But there was a fair amount of passenger traffic.

The livery was black throughout but was relieved by the lining which comprised of ultramarine blue lined on either side with vermilion. The black colour was actually described, by 1913, as invisible green. This was one of those Victorian/Edwardian  aberrations when, in fact, the colour remained what it always had been - black.  Possibly the effect of the "oily rag" could lead to the description due to the "rainbow" effect of sunlight.