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Highland Railway
Formed in 1861 from the amalgamation of various minor railways the Highland Railway covered the north of Scotland mainly in the North and West of the country. For about four years the locomotives were dark green (the shade is unknown to me) but in Stroudley's regime his fondness for yellow came into being and described as yellow or ochre or even "improved Engine Green" which was actually a brown shade (to my eye anyway) (RGB 88-56-38). Around 1871 Mr Jones changed the colour to a light green (RGB 67-147-58) which, to my eye, sits very well on HR locomotives. Which is why I illustrate the Jones Goods in such a livery. In my opinion the book by Geddes and Bellass "Highland Railway Liveries" is an excellent source with very good colour plates difficult to beat. I shall produce illustrations of my own, though, simply because I want to !!