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The famous Great Western Railway !!  Dating from 1835, the GWR eventually swallowed up over 150 minor railways to become a driving force on the British Railway scene. The Company flirted with various shades of green being described variously as blue green, holly green, yellowish green, or middle chrome green. I really have no idea what shades these would be so I'll stick to the well known green (try RGB 0-82-0). Coaches were mostly chocolate brown with cream upper panels. Around 1911 coaches painted crimson lake (very similar to MR stock) but this colour reverted to the well known chocolate and cream until nationalisation in 1948. The GWR was the only major pre group railway to retain its name after Grouping in 1922 and, therefore,  continued as a Company from 1835 until 1948. The illustrations also continue throughout as one Railway.
Great Western Railway