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The Furness Railway (FR), centred on the town of Barrow-in-Furness in what is now Cumbria, was one of the larger railways in the pre grouping era outside of the major lines, ie, LNWR, MR, etc. Barrow was a major ship building centre and the FR had a monopoly in the area as well as significant tourist trade to the Lake District and Morecambe Bay area. Consequently the railway was very lucrative paying dividends of 7 - 10% over many years. The sinuous routes did not make for a fast line and consequently the trains ran at a leisurely pace. There were some corridor coaches but no restaurant or buffet cars. Passenger trains were generally hauled by 4-4-0's and freight/mineral traffic by 0-6-0 tender engines.

The FR had one of more distinctive liveries with Indian Red for the locomotives and blue and white for the passenger coaches. It was absorbed into the LMS in 1923.
Furness Railway