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Formed in 1845 this Railway was an amalgamation of a host of smaller Scottish railways mostly in the western area of Scotland. The locomotives appear to have been a shade of blue from the outset. Coaching stock seems to have been originally a dark purple colour changing to a purple lake.  The blue locomotives seem to have been mostly a rich dark blue (approx RGB - 5.18.37) with some locomotives painted in a lighter shade (approx RGB - 0-83-174). Prestigious locomotives were sky blue (approx RGB - 53-168-230)Some, but not all, goods locomotives seem to have been black. The latter part of the 19thC saw the coaching stock painted in a near crimson lake (approx RGB - 82-28-21) on the lower panels with white upper panels.

The definitive book on the Caledonian liveries is - Caledonian Railway Livery by Jim MacIntosh. Anyone wanting CR stock on their layout should get hold of this highly recommended book.
Caledonian Railway