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The 1939 Coronation Scot was primarily a public relations exercise to show off the achievements of the London Midland & Scottish Railway. The train was brand new and lavishly furnished to the latest style which, in 1939, was art deco. Each compartment in the coaches had a different carpet and the coaches were lined with different wood veneers. The coaches were liveried in the distinctive red and gold finish and were lettered along the waist in the American style, ie, Dining Car, Club Car, etc. The train had a great reception and crowds turned out wherever it travelled.

The locomotive was named 'Coronation' but, in fact, it was the 'Duchess of Hamilton' renamed for the occasion. It happened to be a newer locomotive. The train was marooned in the USA because of the ourbreak of war and, while the locomotive was brought back quite early, the coaching stock stayed in the USA for the rest of the War. The train never ran as a  set again and was absorbed into the normal LMS stock in the standard livery.

London Midland & Scottish Railway
Coronation Scot 1939 in the USA