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British Railways 1948 - 1965
Ex LNER Class A3 No 60091 Captain Cuttle. One of the Class A3's chosen to receive one of the experimental liveries, in this case the ultramarine blue. Differences of opinion still prevail as to the exact shade of this colour. Some believe that it had a purple tinge to it. In my view, and I saw this locomotive several times both at speed and stationary, is that it was just ultramarine blue. Certain effects of light on ultramarine blue can result in purplish highlights presumably as a result of the red pigment in this colour.

NB - One of my correspondents is of the view that cleaning with an oily rag (commonly used) could have been the reason why the purple tinge was apparent. This makes sense.

I quite liked the A3 in this colour and better by far than the GWR livery that was chosen.